Rodney Washington

Sam Stuve, Reporter

Rodney Washington

By: Sam Stuve

There aren’t very many freshmen that make the varsity wrestling team, however, Rodney Washington is one of the very few freshmen who did.

Being a freshmen on the varsity wrestling team is a big deal and it means a lot to me,” Washington commented.

There are many things that wrestlers like about being on the wrestling team.

“My favorite part of wrestling are the guys and the coaches they are all pretty cool and understanding.”

That is not the only thing he likes about wrestling. “The meets are a big part of it too, because when i’m not wrestling I get to spend time with a bunch of cool people”. Washington said.

There are a abundance of challenges that comes with being a wrestler, let alone being a varsity wrestler. “The most challenging part is it being a new sport and just understanding what I can and can’t do when i’m on the mat” Washington said.

Wrestling is not the only thing that Rodney is interested in. “Some other things that interests me besides the sport of wrestling are, running, video games, basketball, and football” Washington stated.

You can watch freshman Rodney Washington wrestle varsity at the 106 pound weight class at our wrestling meets.