Senior service learning project

Esther Lee, Reporter

Every Ames High student is required to complete a mandatory service learning project through Government class to graduate. Students volunteer for a minimum of eight hours at different locations including Food at First, Ames Public Library, Mary Greeley Medical Center, and nursery homes etc. This project was created because of district goals to “encourage the development of responsibility in all students.” The task may be small or large as long as it is meaningful to the community. After the volunteering, students write a reflection paper on their personal project.



The project can be highly personal based on what students choose. Senior Tracie-Lynn Lamoreux says this was her first volunteer experienced. “I mentored fellows kids for my project. It was a fun way to immerse myself in the community. Some people complain that volunteering is boring or a waste of time, but I think that as long as you can find something fun, you can enjoy mandatory volunteer work.” Senior Braxton Buser expressed similar excitement. “I volunteered at the library and had a really good time. I helped out with the Battle of the Bands which was a great way for me to connect with little kids who enjoy reading the same books as I did when I was younger.”



Many people believe community service should be solely voluntary. They criticize that mandatory service projects makes volunteering ungenuine. The majority of Ames High students, however, believe the service project provides a good incentive to engage with the community. Some find a new passion for volunteering. “I would like to continue volunteering even in college,” said Senior Braxton Buser.


The service learning project is mandatory for every senior, but you can make it what you want it to be. It is an opportunity for you to aim high at Ames High.imgres-1