Nasneen the Queen


Logan Adams-Bacon, Reporter

Nasneen Abdalim is a sophomore girl at our high school, and past what we all know about her, she has many things that we don’t know that differentiate her from almost everyone else. For one, Nasneen has 11 siblings. Of the 11, 5 are boys and 6 are girls. Growing up with this many people living under one house is a challenge in itself, but Nasneen likes to take her school experience to the next level by joining more clubs than most of us can name.

Nasneen is part of the CAUSE, speech club, key club, and garden club. In addition to all those clubs, she is part of yearbook in our school. Yearbook is one of those electives that puts a huge amount of pressure on someone to make sure that they make the books as perfect as they can, because they know that a  large majority of the school will be receiving these books.

Lots of us can not think of having to live with this amount of people and still take on all of these clubs and responsibilities in our entire lifetime, let alone in our sophomore year in high school, but she has also had to move with all of these people over 8 times. Now I  asked Nasneen about what she would like to do if she did not have so many siblings. She said that she would definitely like to do more sports, because that is something that she could just not do with all her siblings. It would be too much work for her parents to have to drive all over town to pick up their kids from their sports.

She also said that when she grows she wants to study the human brain. She knows that she wants to do something with our brain, but if that’s just studying it for other people to make advances in their technology, or if she wants to make the advancements, will come sooner or later.

Nasneen was also homeschooled when she was younger. She was staying at home with her parents and 5 of her other siblings. Homeschooling is something that not a  lot of us are able to experience because their parents are not able to give them the school experience that we all need. But even after being homeschooled with 5 of her siblings, she is now able to take precalculus, business, APUSH, and Spanish three. She also takes yearbook. With all of these advanced classes, Nasneen told me that she definitely wants to attend college for study of the brain, but does not want to go to college in Iowa.