“It smells like broke in here!”

It smells like broke in here!

Logan Adams-Bacon, Reporter

As we all know, if you don’t have AirPods, you’re broke. It’s just a fact, don’t question it. But what if I told you that AirPod owners were the broke ones?

There is a new king among the headphone kind. The Louis Vuitton AirPods have taken the supreme role of first class. So the news is out, if you own AirPods, you are broke. It’s just a fact, don’t question it. AirPods are something that lots of people own now. If you just look into people’s ears at school, you can find the people that identify as rich very easily. But some figures of authority think that things like AirPods and other wireless headphones are an issue that needs to be addressed. Three of Ames Highs students have been interviewed about this topic.

I asked these Ames High students questions like, “What do you think about airpods being banned?” “Do you think that things like hoods should be banned because people use them to hide their airpods?” Ames High’s Nicole Hammen stated that, “Teachers should be allowed to be mad at students for listening to music during class, but things like headphones and airpods should not be outright banned.” Nicole told me this because teachers have a right to tell students that they should not be listening to music during their class, but this small issue that only a  few students cause should not affect all of the students in the school that enjoy listening to music in their free time. She also said that they should not be banned because they are expensive, and people should be able to use things that they spend their money on. Nicole said that listening to music should not be banned, and that we should be able to use our headphones as long as they are allowed at that time. She said that hoods also should not be banned, but teachers should be able to ask you to take off your hood if they feel necessary.

Kiersten Moren of Ames High agreed with Nicole on this subject. She said that AirPods are no different than earphones, because if you want to, you can hide normal wired headphones. The airpods just make it simpler to hide. I was given this response multiple times, saying that hoods and airpods should not be banned, but teachers should be able to ask you to take off your hood if they feel that it is necessary. She said that if students really don’t want to pay attention, they don’t need things like airpods and music to stop them from acting like this. They will simply find another way to ignore the teacher.

Alexa Jackson also talked about this subject, saying that airpods specifically are not causing any damage, but rather the students that do not wish to pay attention to the class. She said that it is the student’s choice if they would like to learn in the class, or if they would rather do as they please. A great point that was brought up in our discussion was that if these things were taken away from the students, it would cause lots of tension between the students and the teachers. The students that would like to use their purchases would be less likely to participate with the teachers that would ban airpods.

Airpods are something that lots of students have purchased or been given in these past few months, and they would like to keep with them. While the argument can be make that students use these things like a tool for not paying attention to the teacher, the same could be said for other types of headphones or toys that are often brought to schools around the globe. Airpods are something that many students are fond of, and students would be extremely upset if these things were taken away from them so abruptly.