Hayley Martens and Tifany Chu

Ever just get tired of school, people and life in general? Ever just find the need to read the entire wikipedia about the Olsen twins the night before a huge test just because? Then you have been a victim of Procrastination. Procrastination however is not contagious, but very outrageous. In high school, phrases like “wait what?” and “Oh well:/” are extremely common. Unsurprisingly, it’s not uncommon for most to enjoy wasting time. You are probably reading the web right now to avoid some sort of responsibility.


We are here to explain some of the different ways that we have procrastinated. We are also here to introduce you to new ways to waste your life away. The optimal time to perform the following activities is actually anytime, but to get the most of it, undergo whenever you are super, super busy.  Procrastination can have many different meanings to different people.  Some simply procrastinate before a big project they don’t want to do, and others do a little everyday. But oh honey, the advanced view it as a lifestyle.


First and foremost, the best and less energy sucking way to procrastinate is to click on the red devil. Imagine the red scare but with less hitler and more washed up actresses. You’ve guessed it, im talking about NETFLIX.  No day is complete without massive amounts of binge watching of your favorite show. From comedy to foreign epics to weight loss documentaries, there is something for all. Most would rage at the fact that we referred to Netflix as an activity, as most treat Netflix as a best friend, a parent, a lover.


Two words: online quizzes. If you are a beginner procrastinator this is a great place to start. They are easy to find, in great supply, and always, let me repeat, always true. Online quizzes allow you to discover information that you didn’t even know about yourself! Examples being: Which Hogwarts House Do U Belong In, What Is Your Mom’s best friend’s dog’s favorite color, Which Color fits you Soul, and so much more. All these quizzes are so essential and fitting to everyday life. They can be easily used as a guide, to help you through the hardest of times.


One of the more famous methods of time consuming is social media. Everything from Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest, OOVOO, Vine, and Facebook is a fantastic time waster. Now, theres no better way to completely destruct a nice evening by to repeatedly refreshing all the different social media outlets, hunting for things you weren’t invited to, subtweets and accidental posts. Social media is no doubt the most fulfilling procrastination technique. Its a nice reminder that hey you do have friends, they might not know who you are, follow you back or reply to you many attempts at a group oovoo, but they are there in your heart.

Regardless of your choice of time wasting, the concept is still the same and most of you really enjoy it. But lets be real, teenagers will be putting off what they need to do till the last minute, all the way to the end of time. Always remember that “in the end it doesn’t even matter”, continue living your life and doing whatever makes you happy. You’ll make it work, we all do.