Facebook Resurgence

Facebook Resurgence

Tifany Chu, Opinion Editor

Take it back to 2008, the peak of the world’s biggest social media, Facebook. When the number of friends you had were more important than your health and the number of likes you had were the deal breaker in being accepted. Facebook was huge. Over the years, like most things, Facebook faded off. With the rise of new social medias like Twitter and Instagram, no one cared about Mark Zuckerberg’s dream child. Now in 2015, Facebook is back and better than ever.

Until recently, Facebook has been dead among the teens. The introduction of the Ames People was one of the biggest reasons tweens clicked on the login button again in 2015. Ames People is a Facebook group that emerged at the start of 2015, it’s an open space for the citizens of Ames to complain about every small thing that happened to them and to fight each other. The page is often filled with ridiculously irrelevant posts and insane wars in the comments. With teens drawn to fighting and stupidity, it drew many Ames High Students back on the website.

The many improvements to Facebook have allowed it to resurge in popularity.

One such improvement includes users now being able to reply to comments, imitating the @ button, incase anyone’s seems to be broken. Another change is a better, more versatile Facebook messenger; now users are able to send many irritating emojis. The ability to electronically annoy your friends in the form of a “poke” intrigued many Ames High Students to the site. “Poke Wars” resurfaced earlier this year.

Facebook is the biggest social media in the world and will continue being so. With the rumors of the dislike button being added soon, who knows how big Facebook can get. This resurgence is just one of the many. Facebook will eventually become the most “hip” social media with the teens and this time for good.