MMM Takes Office


Tuesday, May 1 marked the beginning of a new era here at Ames High school. The student body elected Sam Roberts, Miranda Maher and Carl Meese as their new student council co-presidents. Similar to a campaign last year, the trio based their campaign around a simple acronym: MMM. It was somewhat controversial in that Sam Roberts’€™ first nor last name does not start with an “€œM”€. However, they were able to overcome the scandal and claim the win by putting emphasis on the last letter of saM’€™s name. Along with a creative solution to the acronym debacle and revolutionary ideas for the school, the new leaders’€™ win was in part due to an ambiguous poster the opposing team had hung in the main lobby. Said poster was intended to read, “€œPWW”€ but many mistook the poster to read, “€œJEW”€. Students weren’€™t sure if this was a slight against Ames High’s Jewish population or if it was meant to promote them. Either way, it drove enough voters away from Prueger, Woodruff and Withers to secure a victory for MMM. These weren’t the only bumps in the road during the campaign trail; the teams faced challenges regarding forbidden friendships. Roberts and Prueger were rumored to be close friends, and while they appeared to be competitors, many observed friendly interactions between the two. Roberts was even alleged to have helped with the opponent’s campaign video. Aside from the friendship between Prueger and Roberts, Maher and Woodruff also shared a tight bond. “€œEveryone running is and will remain good friends with the opposing team”€ Roberts said after numerous incidences in which the teams were encouraged to keep distance from one another. Many believe it unconventional to fraternize with the “€œenemy”€, but this is just the beginning of how the new co-presidents demonstrated that they are different than those preceding them. Unlike those before them, the new co-presidents find it extremely important that they are able to take into consideration of every individual at Ames High. “Feedback from the student body can go a long way in making sure everyone is content when they’€™re at school.”€ Maher said during an exclusive interview with “€œThe WEB”.€ Having a school with 1200 students poses a challenge for those wishing to consider everyone’€™s individual opinion. However, Maher, Meese, and Roberts have come up with an innovative way around it. The three plan on utilizing online surveys as a way of allowing everyone to give their input. “€œWe’€™re really serious about using Google Surveys to get the opinion of those who care to give it.”€ Roberts said. Google Surveys is only the beginning of ideas brought to the table by the new co-presidents. “€œWe’€™d love to see new posters in the halls; ones that showcased students that are currently attending Ames High.”€ Meese said. It’s been too long that the students of Ames High have been haunted by past graduates instead of reminded of their own potential, so the new leaders bring welcomed change. Student body presidents of the past have faced issues in their limited collaboration with the administration. Hopefully the newly elected presidents can get the attention of higher ups, such as the principal, Spence Evans. “€œWe plan on constant communication back and forth and mutual decision making instead of just handing over a list of ideas.”

Roberts said. By electing Sam Roberts, Miranda Maher, and Carl Meese as the new co-presidents for the 2013-2014 school year, the student body has sent a message. They want leaders who will represent them effectively and take their opinions into account. Time will tell if these three are up to the task.