AHS Volleyball’s New Path


Joel Devick

In the grand scheme of Ames High Athletics, no sport has undergone such a substantial transition this year than the volleyball team. For the girls of AHS volleyball, having a new coach and new uniforms are just a few of the changes evident this year. 

New coach Leah Farrington, who also is also a new social studies teacher this year at Ames High, has found it a joy as well as a challenge being the latest head of the volleyball department. With some lofty goals from her players as well as herself, the tone was set for the season at an early stage. “Our goal is to win our Northern division of the conference, along with finish well at our end of the season conference tournament,” Farrington explained. 

The Seniors have definitely put a good finish at the top of their wish list as well, and even more so in terms of their aim and ambition. “I think one of our goals is to make it to State, because the group of girls playing right now haven’t been able to make it before, so as Seniors, we hope that we can reach it [this year],” Senior Jenna King said. 

Along with her intentions for the play of her squad, Farrington also has an aim for her players in their lives both on and off the court. “Coaching, like teaching, is pretty similar in wanting to help players and students to accomplish their goals and work toward being the best that they can be,” Farrington says.

One thing that’s for sure is that the players have certainly taken to the change in coaching well. “She’s really fun. I go and crash 7th period with her and we just talk strategy, and sometimes we’ll just play Hangman on the whiteboard,” Senior Tessa Cunningham said. 

“I like how now we have an organization to our practices and we have specific things we’re accomplishing because different days of the week are a different skill, and I think that helps us as a team,” Senior Phaedra Lipsey said of the new experience this season. 

Having Farrington come in this summer, the opportunity for new leadership roles played a big part in how the seniors have progressed this year and the confidence that is displayed by the veterans of the team. “When we were preparing for this season, I think we focused our energy together and we were helping plan the season as leaders of the team, so when we did find out [who our coach would be], we were ready to go,” explained Lipsey.

With the season nearing it’s end and the team in a good run of form leading up to their end-of-season tournaments, the rest of this season as well as future seasons look bright with Farrington at the helm.