Play Hard, Frat Harder


Let us look back on the most prosperous time of US history. A time where beautiful men formed strong bonds of brotherhood with other men. In the 1830s, 50 percent of all adult men identified themselves as members of some fraternal organization. Today, however, the frat life is on its way out, sequestered to college campuses around the nation. Due to this unfortunate decline, the AHS junior varsity soccer team has taken it upon themselves to restore the frat life by making the AHS Soccer Frat. What could possibly inspire a group a teenage boys to create an environment of companionship in a seemingly peculiar fashion? “Why frat? Why not frat?”€ junior Chris Stoker said. “€œWe originally decided to form a frat because our coach Ryan McGowan was in a frat when he was in college.”€ Dating back to ancient Greece, frats have brought men closer in order to achieve common goals. “€œIt has really improved our team chemistry,”€ Stoker said, “and we also have a whole bunch of crazy frat parties.”€ The AHS Soccer Frat could even be a gateway frat into Greek society in college. “€œYes of course I plan on joining a frat in college,”€ Stoker said. “€œOur super chill coach Ryan McGowan told us the frat life is the only life.” Stoker isn’€™t the only one whose life goals have been altered by the AHS soccer frat. “€œI didn’€™t choose the frat life, the frat life chose me”€ senior Rohan Nayar said. Unfortunately many are turned off from fraternities due to the prospect of being hazed as a frat underling. “€œOur frat doesn’€™t really involve any hazing,”€ junior Mark Milligan said. “However, whenever we yell the word ‘frat,’ coach McGowan makes us all do pushups. But we say ‘frat’ anyway.” The AHS Soccer Frat has gained notoriety for their insane frat parties. “€œThey usually consist of pasta-based meals right before a big game,”€ Milligan said. “€œAs a tribute to Ryan McGowan, we decided to commemorate him starting our glorious frat by making shirts with his face on them.”€ The frat parties hosted by the AHS soccer frat should not be clustered into the typical, mainstream college frat party. To prosper as a nation we must return to our fraternal roots. Handsome men must once again link arm in arm with other men to achieve goals previously thought impossible. Being a part of a fraternity is more than being a member of an organization, it is a way of life, a life full of brotherly love. When asked if the AHS Soccer frat has improved the JV’€™s team dynamic and performance, head varsity coach Chad Zmolek said, “€œSure.”