Tetris should be the next thing to go viral


Tifany Chu, Reporter

Tetris. The biggest game in the history of America. I personally think that everyone should play tetris. Everyone should be well informed on what Tetris is.

What is Tetris?  It is a highly addictive game that you can find many playing at 3 am on a school night for no reason at all. It was created last century, 1984 in Russia by a Soviet. It single handedly helped to mend the severed ties between the USSR and America during the Cold War by being the first game to be exported to the US from the USSR. Tetris is played as weirdly shaped boxes fall out of space and you have to stack them. The aim of the game is to clear as many lines as possible by filling them up. The game, literally has no end or point, making it perfect for everyone. The rise of many pointless games, such as Farmville and Flappy Bird, all have Tetris to thank. Tetris single handedly brought that genre of mindless and endless games to the apex of all games.

There are many different formats of Tetris, all with the same gameplay however labelled differently. Tetris Arena is where you join a group of random people and play tetris against them. The main goal is to send enough “lines” to Knockout or KO the other opponents. This format is one of the best since you get to “kick”  random people out and make them feel like failures all from the safety of your bed. Other formats include 2P where you square off with someone else and send “lines” hoping to knock them out. Regardless of the fancy name the Tetris corporation has given their different formats, the game is basically the same. Do not like your lack of a strong vocabulary allow you to be tricked by corporations like this !!!

Besides online versions, Tetris also comes in a physical version as a board game, a bop-it version (definitely the best one) and on multiple handheld devices. The single factor that makes the game shine is the theme song. The theme song is nothing less than iconic, hummable and etched forever in everyone’s mind. If you listen closely, you might even hear the theme song playing in the hallways!!

Tetris is very educational. It makes you think, helps you practice making decisions under pressure, gives you hand-eye coordination. As they say, The way to a good brain is through Tetris!! However, this all-encompassing wonderful game is blocked in Ames High 🙁

This game is definitely more than a game. Its not even a lifestyle. Its just like food, you can try to tell yourself you don’t need it, but you eventually do. I recommend that you start playing Tetris today. Start playing and don’t stop until you see the blocks falling before you everytime you close your eyes. I am a fan of Tetris and you will think its Fan-tastic too.