William Crow: Bird Master of Ames High

William Crows senior picture.

William Crow’s senior picture.

Tifany Chu, Opinion Editor

Statistically, 1 in every 300 people are considered geniuses. That means that in every class there is that one special individual standing far above the rest. William Crow is the class of 2017’s very own super genius. Already young for his grade (born in Aug 2000), Crow opted to skip the 5th grade and will be graduating this May at the tender age of 16. Despite his unusual circumstance, Crow says that due to the friendships he has developed, he feels more connected to the seniors than his previous grade.

Anyone who has ever had a class with William can vouch for his superior intellect and agree that his presence in the classroom is unmissable. Despite his heavy course load filled with ISU/ AP classes, William is still able to find the time to pursue his favorite hobby of birding. Even though most would claim that Crow is “Bird Master of Story County”, he refuses to accept the title and leaves the honor to Mr Sparkman who he claims is the “Bird Master of the World”. William loves birding because it allows him to combine his two favorite passions of birds and photography. Birding is an unusual hobby for an high school boy but William explains: “I just like seeing new species of birds and watching them. They have very interesting behavior.”

This photo entitled: “Surfing the Web” is one of William’s favorites and was awarded “Best of Color” at the Iowa State Fair in 2016.

Everyone has a party trick and William’s is being able to accurately estimate the price of any camera or its accessories with just one look. Ever since he took his first photography class freshmen year, William has been obsessed with taking pictures. From the football stands during the fall to the recent Boys state swim meet, Crow can be spotted along with his camera at almost all school events. Crow’s dedication to getting the best picture possible has lead him to win numerous awards for his excellent photography.

After 4 years at Ames High, William’s favorite teacher is undoubtedly former AP Bio Teacher, Craig Walter. Walter, who is best remembered for his extensive t-shirt collection and deadpan comedy, has been a huge influencer in William’s decision to major in Molecular Biology at Iowa State. When asked if going off to college at such a young age scared him, he responded: “ Kind of. But I think I’m ready.” There is no doubt that William will do great things in the future, besides, he has plenty of time!