Mrs. Hyman


Mykah Kennedy, News Editor

Walking into Ames High this year, there were plenty of new faces. One of these new faces was in the dark depths of the basement, in room B-9 – Mrs. Lindsey Hyman. She teaches Algebra, Geometry, and Algebra 1A.

She originally went to a small college, Waldorf College, in Forest City, Iowa for an accounting degree. She later received her masters from Simpson College in Indianola, when she decided that accounting was too boring for her. This is her sixth year of teaching.

Previously, she worked as an accountant for a few years and taught math at Southview Middle School in Ankeny. Although she started out in accounting, she’s known she wanted to be a math teacher since high school. Her main inspiration was one of her math teachers in high school. Mrs. Hyman enjoys teaching because of the kids. She loves getting to know them and helping them learn one of the hardest subjects.

Math has always come naturally to her. “I like it because it makes sense and it’s a different language,” she said. Her favorite class is Algebra, but she likes Geometry more and more every year.

She has two young children and enjoys biking, reading, and golfing in her spare time. She’s even in a golf league in Boone. Using her sports experience, she previously coached softball at Ames High for a year, but has coached a total of four years in other districts.

Growing up in Boone, she says she has “always admired Ames’ sports, academic, art, and drama programs.” She is excited to teach in a school that is ranked as high in the state as Ames High is and is glad to be so close to home. If math help is needed, Mrs. Hyman is the one to see.