Greek or Geek?


Serena Paulson, Managing Editor

There is a lot of stereotyping that comes with someone talking about joining a greek community, whether that be through a fraternity or a sorority. It’s common knowledge that most people think that sorority girls are flirty and dumb, and that frat boys are the cookie cutter douche bag. What the general population fails to realize is how important and influential the greek system can be at a university.

Living in Ames, we are a part of a college town. Whether you like it or not, the sweeping in and out of college students every year changes our city. Iowa State would not be Iowa State without its greek system. Administrative members of Iowa State are required to be apart of the Greek Community, which shows how much ISU values having greek integrated members leading the school.

The average active greek member GPA far exceeds the 2.99 university average, with 3.17. It clearly shows how the community values education and learning. This contradiction of the stereotype is only one of many, because the greek system is about more than being “popular” and only focuses on materialistic ideals.

Every chapter has their own philanthropy, varying from charities like Girls on the Run, to a large involvement in Iowa State’s dance marathon. With the rampant desire to help others, it isn’t surprising that in 2011 more than 41,000 hours of volunteer time and $89,000 dollars were raised for the betterment of others.

So next time you jump to conclusions when your friend says they want to go greek, slow your role. Don’t judge others by stereotypes that aren’t necessarily accurate.