A slice of Reggie, the interview


Queen Victoria, reporter

The musical The Slice of Reggie is a comedic dramatic musical  about a man who discovers his sexuality through pizza, history and hallucinations. In their own words; “Bloody Bloody Andrew Jackson meets mutated, slightly more appropriate Book of Mormon.” The general story line to the musical is reggie is a depressed person at the beginning, and at the end he is slightly less depressed, the main message is him discovering he is gay and can be happy if he stops pretending and embraces every aspect of himself. to some extent the first act is generally people’s reaction to depression, some of it discuss oh you just need to cheer up, oh you just need to man up, some of them are just frustrated and think he should give up on it, in the end he just realizes that he just needs to do something, even though he doesn’t feel like doing anything, it may make him feel better, decided ing in the words of Abraham Lincoln in the musical “Whatever you are be a good one.” .

Robert (Robbie) Kroeschell and Benjamin (Ben) Sulzberger, the authors and producers of this musical, based this play off of what they were going through in life and what others around them were going through. When asked What sort of person is going to love this show? They replied; “Fans of non-traditional musicals, people who like Rent, The Book of Mormon, but it strays a bit from musically musicals, also people who like to support local arts, and artists and independent theater.” Robbie and Ben said one of the hardest things about the musical so far is finding who they want to work with casting wise and breaking it down and allowing ourselves to focus on individual parts so they can build on each other. When asked what will the audience be thinking about in the car as they drive home after this show?

“The people who love it will be very happy, it is something that hasn’t happened very often in this town, it is special, that they are happy that they spent their time that way, laughed a little bit and how to treat one another and how to be themselves a little bit more, there’s a lot of protententing, trying to be more genuine and more true to themselves and how can i become for of myself.” The ideal audience for this musical are people ages 15 and up. Stephen Sondheim is expected to be in the front row on opening night, along wih Steven Linn, Brad Dell, Kevin Cur.