Tomi, Toni, Tomato

Jourdan-Ashle Barnes, Reporter

If you consider yourself politically aware and an active social media user then you have probably seen or heard about Tomi “Toyota Lasagna” Lahren. Lahren is known for her menacing rants expressing her opinions on major events that she usually is in disagreement with. Tammy has been the voice for young conservatives throughout the Presidential Election and in current times. Many “liberal snowflakes” take major offense to Lahren’s comments. Tanya, who is often labeled as a racist, compared the Black Lives Matter Movement to the KKK. Since then Tabitha has been a major proponent in the All Lives Matter and Blue Lives Matter counter-movements. Lahren was definitely not Hillary Clinton’s biggest fan and often voiced her opinion against the protests towards the Trump campaign and administration, calling them “un-American”. Lahren is a loyal and true conservative.

Tomi Lahren speaking at a public event

Although her approach may be considered brash, she makes sure that her voice is always heard. Tomi uses anger, fear, and conservative ideals to drive her arguments on her show, but she has proven to be excellent at doing this. Although I personally don’t like her, I must say that she is excels in her craft. She is able to attract both liberal and conservatives alike, albeit for different reasons. Tomi Lahren is able to rack up tens of thousands of shares and views on her videos throughout various social media platforms. This drives her career and gives her the hard earned money that she values. Whether you love her or hate her, if you have ever watched her videos, you have kept her relevant and propelled her career.

Recently, Lahren was suspended by her network for saying that she is pro-choice in reference to abortion. Being pro-choice is often considered a left ideology, however this brings to light many issues within our country. The political climate has become so polarized that people feel as though they must agree with their party on every single issue. I am conflicted on how I feel about Lahren’s suspension. On one hand, I am overjoyed that she has been suspended because at some point she had to face repercussions for some of her most outlandish comments. A few of her main arguments during her show had very poor factual support and she often said things just to stir the pot and generate views, which she was successful in doing. But, the main point of her show is to state her opinion and to defend it in a somewhat dramatic way. I almost never agree with her, but she does have the right to her own opinion. I think that the network is being contradicting for suspending her from her show about her opinions because she stated her opinion. This makes me wonder if she truly agrees with all of the things she says on the show or if the network forces her to hold a certain position on certain issues. Individualized opinions are extremely important in the face of groupthink and I am interested to see if Lahren stands behind her comments or recants under the pressure of her network.