Bye, Ames High


Sabrina Lang, Reviews Editor

I wish I could give you some wise words  that would magically give you the best high school experience, but the truth is, it’s all about perception.

You’ll come across people in your life who everyone likes and you don’t understand why because they’re honestly the cruelest people you’ve ever met and they have the personality of a rock. These are probably the people who have peaked in high school. Pity them.

But then there’s the people who just show genuine kindness. Stick with them. They’re the realist. You can’t go through life completely alone.

And remember, it’s okay to skip class once or twice because your period is ruining your life or you have a headache. It’s okay to call it quits at 1:30 am because you’re dying inside and just need some sleep.

I hope you take a second out of your day to see how you can help someone.

Maybe it’s just pulling fruit snacks out of your back pocket and giving them to a hungry soul. Maybe it’s running to your car in the rain because you have Benadryl and your homie needs some Benadryl. Sometimes it’s as easy as telling someone hey, you did great, when they just royally bombed a test or presentation. It’s the little things, ya know?

I hope high school is good for you. I hope you forgive. I hope you question the man. I hope you laugh so much you cry. I hope you step outside your comfort zone.  Because in my life, I’ve come to realize I only regret the things I never did.

The best thing you can do for yourself is stop taking everything so personally and care less. There’s so much to appreciate and smile about even when you’re completely miserable.

Thank you to all the teachers who took the time out to help me with whatever I needed.

To the people who left my life, I am well aware of the fact that it is most definitely your loss, if you wouldn’t have left my life I probably wouldn’t have come to understand I didn’t deserve the way you treated me. So thank you.

And finally, thank you to the people who stuck around, even if it was from a distance. I can’t say I had the best high school experience, but it definitely wasn’t the worst.

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