parking lot

Logan Adams-Bacon, reporter March 4, 2020

Almost everyone in the high school has to deal with the parking lot. If you are someone that owns a  car, you have to park in it and spend 20 minutes getting out of it. If you are walking to school you...

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The Scoop on ACAI

Logan Adams-Bacon, Reporter October 25, 2019

Just imagine, you are laying on the beach in Southern California chillin with your friends. Everyone is having a great time hanging out with each other, no distractions, with the sound of the ocean in...

Mr. Lachen

Mr. Lachen

Logan Adams-Bacon, Reporter May 20, 2019

  Mr. Lachen, a  name known by many and loved by all. But now he has a  daughter, and needs to stay home to care for her and teach her the ways of science. He wants to leave to make sure that...

It smells like broke in here!

“It smells like broke in here!”

Logan Adams-Bacon, Reporter February 13, 2019

As we all know, if you don't have AirPods, you're broke. It's just a fact, don't question it. But what if I told you that AirPod owners were the broke ones? There is a new king among the headphone kind....

Nasneen the Queen

Nasneen the Queen

Logan Adams-Bacon, Reporter December 14, 2018

Nasneen Abdalim is a sophomore girl at our high school, and past what we all know about her, she has many things that we don't know that differentiate her from almost everyone else. For one, Nasneen has...

Pro-Meat eating

Pro-Meat eating

Logan Adams-Bacon, Reporter November 1, 2018

I love meat, and the chances are, if you are reading this you eat meat. People have been eating meat for thousands upon thousands of years on Earth, and no one thinks that it will stop any time soon. So...

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