Brenna Peterson makes the most of senior year


Ella Bartlett, Editor in Chief

Winter cheerleader and lover of language Brenna Peterson is a senior who has a lot to look forward to in her last semester at Ames. Just as her season of cheer has ended, she has more time to get more involved in clubs like Garden Club, Key Club, and Senior Senate. And this spring break she is going on the Spain trip.

“17 other students with Mrs. Billings and Mrs. Deam are going,” Peterson said. They are leaving Thursday the 19th, and this will be Petersen’s first time out of the country.

“My hostess is Ana Clemente. She’s 17, like me,” Peterson said. “I’ll get to tour their hometown of Segovia [and] follow them around [during] the school day.” One significant difference between Ames and Segovia is the amount of history. Peterson added, “They are known for aqueducts and the castles.”

Next year, she plans to continue her exploration of languages at ISU. “[For a major] I’m undecided. Maybe Spanish. I really love languages, [and] I might pick up another language on the way.”

She is open to other majors as well, but she knows she probably won’t continue sports or cheerleading. “This is my first and only year [in cheer]. It’’s been a lot of fun… we had little sisters/little brothers, and it’s helped me to know more people.”

With cheer now a fond memory of the fall season, Peterson said she’d like Garden Club to take precedent. “Planting is one of my favorite things,” Peterson said. She also will have more time to spend on her violin.

Then, in less than 3 months, it will all be over. “It’s incredibly strange,” Peterson commented about how soon her high school career is ending. With the Spain trip, garden club, orchestra, and many other activities still left on her plate, Peterson knows she will make the best of her last weeks in high school.

“Just yesterday, it was the start of freshman year,” Peterson said. “It’s sad and exciting at the same time.”