The Hunger Games Book Review


I decided to do a book review over The Hunger Games  by Suzanne Collins. It came out back in 2008, yet I only read it this past school year. It was a lovely discovery. I have not been able to find any recent books that I am interested in enough to read. But reading The Hunger Games caught my full attention and interested me greatly. It is a dystopian future themed book packed full of adventure and politics. It’s protagonist is a girl named Katniss Everdeen. She is one of my favorite female leads in any book I’ve read. She’s a very independent and pessimistic character, both of which are not commonly seen traits in female leads. She took care of her family from a young age after her father died. She had a hard life growing up which has led her to not trusting people very easily or being very optimistic about life.I found it very easy to get interested in this book.

It drew me in with various symbolic meanings and political themes. I find the setting of the book to very closely relate towards how the American government is heading. People with money will have all of the power and the poor will be left no choice but to obey their every command. The people of the Capitol know that they have the power and they use it to their advantage. Power hungry politicians have the same mindsets. They don’t care whose life gets ruined as long as they get what they want in the end. The Capitol people pretend to care about the people of the districts, but they don’t.

There is a wide spectrum of character types to help represent each district. This helps paint a picture to the readers of what life is like in each district. I dislike when a book is solely based on developing romance. The Hunger Games is a breath of fresh air with little to no romance. Romance in the book is almost like an afterthought, but even when it comes into the book it is not a huge part of the book and is even a little faked. I’m not a big fan of books only based over romance, but The Hunger Games does a great job of not focusing on romance and mainly focusing on the plot and character development. Overall I really like this book, once I started I couldn’t put it down. It is a book that will draw readers in and immerse them into the universe that they are reading about. I would highly suggest reading this book and a special thanks to Mr. Schmidt for introducing this book to me.