2021 Ames High School Time Capsule

Haley Reeves and Erin Murphy June 10, 2021

Broken ceilings, water damage, and holes in walls, all what give Ames High School it's charm, and why it will soon be demolished. But before that can happen, we bring you on a journey through these hallowed...

Haley’s Seven Hacks for Success

Haley’s Seven Hacks for Success

Senior Column • An improved version of Shelby’s six points to success.
Haley Reeves, Editor In-Chief May 29, 2021

My Dear Ames High Students, These past four years have been nothing short of a spectacular nightmare. A whirlwind of parking lot drama, state championships, changing administration, post-football cowbell,...

2021 Ames High School Time Capsule Trailer

Haley Reeves and Erin Murphy May 10, 2021

This is Ames High, in all its dusty glory. Decades of students walked through these very halls, taught in these classrooms, and locked in these stairwells. WEB staffers from the class of 21’ and 22’,...

Via Hey Babe on Spotify

Hey Babe Podcast

The next best comedy podcast.
Haley Reeves, Editor In-Chief April 8, 2021

Hey babe, how does one spike their engagement and listeners? Tik Tok. After one of their audios went viral on the platform the podcast began to gain some traction. The audio in question is a fantastic...

Photo from @kershner.ali on Instagram

Female Athletes – An Afterthought

Why this scandal shouldn’t have ever happened.
Haley Reeves, Editor In-Chief March 29, 2021

The NCAA’s blatant disrespect for the women's tournament, all during March, which is Women´s History Month and the month that International Women’s Day is in, is absurd.  By even giving them anything...

CDC COVID-19 State Profile Report - Iowa

Kovid Kim Strikes Again

The disastrous handling of the pandemic in Iowa.
Haley Reeves, Editor In-Chief March 3, 2021

  The CDC has categorized all the counties in Iowa what the risk of getting COVID-19 is by county. A small portion of the state is categorized at high risk, most of the state is very high risk...

Subreddit vs Hedge Funds

Subreddit vs Hedge Funds

Haley Reeves, Editor In-Chief February 16, 2021

From $2.57 to $483 in the span of a couple of weeks, all thanks to a subreddit, history was made.  After all the GameStop pandemonium has seemed to settle, let's look into what this all really means,...

Dear class of 2021,

Dear class of 2021,

Haley Reeves, WEB Reporter January 25, 2021

Dear class of 2021, Nothing is normal, nor most likely will it be. May it be the ever-changing state of the world, especially the state of the country, we the seniors aren’t able to keep up. A sense...

The Boiling Point

The Boiling Point

Reeves Rants' #6
Haley Reeves, WEB Reporter January 25, 2021

These past three weeks have seemed to be the most hectic start to a new year. Domestic terrorism, abuse of innocent people who are trying to be on the right side of history. The national guard had to have...

Dont Say Happy New Year Just Yet

Don’t Say Happy New Year Just Yet

Reeves' Rants #5
Haley Reeves, WEB Reporter January 8, 2021

Remember when we all thought that 2020 was going to be our year, well look how that turned out. Therefore I will be treating this year like I'm trying out a mattress. A 3-month trial to see if I want to...

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