Intramural Sports


Photo of the Ames High Gym, where hopefully will be the location of not only IBall but IPong and IBad too.

Tifany Chu, Opinion Editor

Here in Ames High, we are given the privilege to start any club we want to. The wide variety of clubs we have range from Anime and Manga club for those who love to cosplay and  Yoga Club for you indie lovers listening to Bon Iver. Along with these clubs, Ames High also gives us the freedom to start any intramural sports we chose to. However, in recent years, the only intramural sport to survive is iball (intramural basketball) and iquiz (intramural quizbowl) With this new year, there are many new intramural sports in the works, these include: ibad (badminton) and ipong (table tennis).

As a two sport athlete, you might think that I would not bother with any intramural sports since I’m constantly on the grind, working to achieve. However, I am a iball player and I take it very seriously. I’m 100% at the 3 point line and have started in many games. Iball has given many students the opportunity to immerse themselves into a sport they never thought they would ever be able to play in high school. Nahla Atroon, a senior and iball participant, says that:” IBall gives me an opportunity to be out there on the court, it’s fun and very competitive.”

This year, Skip Stevens has met up with Spence on starting ipong. Skip mentions that the biggest problem with getting started is getting enough money to buy table tennis tables. However, Skip is not giving up and is making plans to raise money and get ipong up and running by the winter. IBad is also in the works with Kim Yin, an Ames High  junior and badminton addict, spearheading the movement. Just like Skip, Kim says that she is struggling to find a location for her fellow “shuttlecocks” to “swing it out”. She too remains hopeful and will continue searching.

So Ames High, aim high and train hard for many intramural sports coming up this coming school year.